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Emma Keas

Emma (she/her) is a high school junior from California whose love for writing and art stems from their unlimited potential. Other than editing, you can find her painting, making bucket lists, and visiting new restaurants in her free time. She’s thankful for your interest in this journal and can't wait to read what you have to share!

Poetry Readers

Asenath Rose 

Asenath Rose (she/her) is a teen from the East Coast. Her hobbies including devouring novels and books of poetry, but her biggest passion is songwriting—she currently has an album out. Rose enjoys listening to vinyl on rainy days, drinking too much coffee, and watching A24 and Ghibli movies.

Lake Vargas

Lake Vargas primarily writes poetry and creative non-fiction. Her work has been published by Periwinkle Literary Magazine, Tealight Press, Butcher Papers, and others. She tweets at @lakewrites. More of her work can be found on her Tumblr, @stonemattress.

Nikki P

Nikki P is a writer from the United States. She edits for a few magazines and has work published in Cathartic Literary Magazine and The Hearth Magazine.

Samantha Thayer

Samantha-Jean Thayer is a writer based in Montreal, Canada, currently studying English Literature and Interior Design. Before discovering her passion for poetry and short stories, she was a science student beginning her journey to become a veterinarian. Her love for animals caused her to amass a few of her own, from her two bearded dragons to her family’s golden retriever. Now, she spends her days working with dogs and her nights writing away. She is currently working on her own fiction novel and several poetry projects.

Zoe Baber

Zoe is a high school student in Southern California, where she laments the lack of rain and lush wooded forests. When she’s not yearning for a quiet life in a french cottage, she’s probably listening to 80’s rock, consuming questionable amounts of coffee, or working on one of her many writing projects. Her work is forthcoming in indigo literary journal but can also be found just about anywhere where writing happens—because there’s nothing she loves more than sharing art with the world.

Prose Readers​

Addison Rahmlow

Addison Rahmlow is a teenage writer and artist from the Midwest. She enjoys screenwriting, photography, practicing the flute, and can often be found running up and down the uneven sidewalks of her neighborhood. Her work has been published in the Write the World Review and has been recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. She hopes that you are having a great day!

Anvitha Mattapalli

Anvitha Mattapalli, an aspiring teenage writer from San Francisco, aims to share her passion for words to make an impact in the world. She writes as an outlet to express her emotions and gains advice for her real-life problems through the thoughts and actions of her characters. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, writing, and baking. She loves to wonder about the reason for existence and dream of a world where everybody knows they are special and loved.

Ari FitzGibbon

Born and raised in Alaska, Ari FitzGibbon currently lives and writes in Oakland, CA. Ari reviews media and art events for Mills College’s student newspaper The Campanil, can be found on Twitter at @unassumingowl, and thinks more people should put lemon juice on pancakes.

Grace Zhang

Grace Zhang is a high school student from Spring, Texas. Her work has been recognized in the Houston Legislative Essay Contest, and she has studied the IEW writing method for two years. Her favorite literary genres include science fiction and romance. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys listening to music, studying languages, and watching (arguably way too much) anime.

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