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We welcome poetry, prose, and art submissions from those ages 13-24.


Our submissions  are currently closed

1-3 poems of no more than 1000 words each
1-3 fiction and/or nonfiction works (short stories, essays, memoirs, etc.) of no more than 2000 words each
1-3 visual art pieces of all forms (photography, paintings, prints, etc.)

Butterfly Collage


  • Poetry and Prose: pdf or docx document,  Art: png or jpg file

  • Please email all submissions to with the subject as your last name, first name, your piece’s title, and your piece’s genre (example: Dickinson, Emily, “Because I could not stop for Death”, poetry)​​.

  • If you have multiple submissions, please attach them in separate files.

  • Since we read blindly, please do not include identifying information (name, bio, etc.) in your submission documents.

  • Poetry and prose submissions must be written in English, and we ask that you format them as follows: Times New Roman font, 12-pt, single spaced.

  • For all submissions, please include a third-person biography in the body of your email. We ask that your bio contains your age and country of residence.

  • We typically provide a response within 2 weeks of your submission. If you haven't heard from us after 3 weeks, please feel free to inquire.


  • Simultaneous submissions: We accept and encourage them! However, please notify us immediately if your piece is accepted elsewhere.

  • Previously published pieces: We accept them as well! However, please notify us if your piece falls into this category (including where it was first published).

  • We ask for first North American serial rights if you publish with us. Copyright will revert to the author upon publication, but please cite Paracosm Literary Journal in future journals.

  • As this is a volunteer-run organization, we are unable to pay contributors at this time.

  • Please keep in mind that work containing discriminatory content and/or plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated. Since this is a youth publication, we also ask that you avoid submitting excessively violent, sexual, or profane material.

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